All that we do with regard to timber management
can be credited to the vision and insight of
Joseph Matthew Bernard Haake III……Uncle Joe.

He was a pioneer in the area of timber management
and set us on a path of improving the forest and managing timber
for the benefit of generations to come.

He was a mentor and an inspiration to us all
and we hope he’s pleased with all that’s been done in
the years since he’s passed.

Thank you Uncle Joe for your inspiration and for all you gave us.


Responsibility.    Seems it always comes back to responsibility.  As stewards of the land we are responsible to use the resource wisely.  Sounds good, but what does it really mean?    Improve, restore, preserve?  Yes, that should be part of it. What about using the resource to educate, inform and provide examples to other land owners?   What about a stewards responsibility to learn more about the resource?  What about responsibility to educate children about ecology?

Seems just plain hard work and dedication to your land is only just a small part of what we are responsible for.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.