Wildlife Management

Wildlife Management at Ridgetop Ranch encompasses all species with special emphasis on placed white-tailed deer, quail and turkeys.

Management of wildlife is more than food plots and brush piles for cover.  We want to be sure we are providing for the year round needs of native wildlife.  Some species such as deer need to have numbers reduced while others like quail and turkey could benefit from population increases.  Management by the gun/bow is only part of the solution.  Speciec specific habitat that is available when the animals need it is vital to sustainable species management.   If you supply everything a quail needs except brood cover you negate the value of everything else you have done.

Ridgetop Ranch manages deer with the following criteria:
– 1 buck to every 2 does ratio
–  Harvest at least 2 does for every buck taken
–  Shoot bucks 4.5 years or older (experienced hunters)
–  Age, not rack size or score determines harvest decisions